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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nuclear Isotope Identifier for Gamma and Neutron improves GPS resolution

Nuclear Isotope Identifier for Gamma and Neutron improves GPS resolution

Earlier this month at the Waste Management 2011 conference in Phoenix, AZ, Berkeley Nucleonics introduced a new, faster operating system that allows real-time characterization of large plots of land for nuclear remediation with sub-meter GPS resolution. The handheld and mobile systems allows fast generation of radiological maps giving users a clear indication of radiation levels and isotope specific count rates. Other applications include establishing perimeters, nuclear geomapping, radiometric surveys, potassium/thorium exploration and cleanup of contamination land areas.

If you would like a copy of the February 2011 USDOE White Paper, please reply.

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More about the SAM 940:
The Model SAM 940 Isotope Identifier (RIID) is widely respected as the fastest Isotope Identifier in the industry. The latest features enhance the “Easy-Mode” for front line use. The Dual-Tachometer indicates Gamma and Neutron levels in Counts Per Second, will concurrently recording isotope specific dose rates for a broad isotope library. In addition to typical ANSI and Medical Isotopes, the SAM 940 identifies less common but equally concerning isotopes like Europium and Neptunium. Although these sources are not in the ANSI approved list, field exercises have shown the need for including our broader library of 120 Isotopes. The new release results in an easy-to-use device for fast, accurate identification of radioactive materials.

Regarding current issues in Japan regarding nuclear power plant problems, the company spokesman commented…“The SAM systems are well suited for front line assessment of nuclear issues. The data stored is easy to interpret on-site, but analytical processes store up to 10,000 event details (spectra, alarm information and qualititative details) in the SAM’s memory…all the elements needed by a Health Physicist or Spectroscopist to address follow up concerns. We recognize the difficult problems in Japan and have already donated instrumentation to Japanese agencies such as the Japanese Food Bank for screening of food products. We have also increased our capacity to address growing demands. Our agent in Japan, Seiko EG&G, has been a distributor and sales agent of Berkeley Nucleonics for over 30 years. They are well qualified to address end users with training and service.”

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